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Builders Cambridge - House Extensions Cambridge and Cambridgeshire

Builders Cambridge – House Extensions

House extensions Cambridge

Excellent House extensions in Cambridge !

House extensions almost always bring back rewarding returns in your investment and create huge value addition for a property.

Adding a new room, a play area or a new living space to your home is a wonderful investment, based on the percentage returns that you get.

Builders Cambridge sources and uses market-leading products that are meant to meet high-end quality expectations. Using the best quality products for internal specification ensures that our extension works are meant to last for years to come.


Builders Cambridge offers a thoroughly worked out plan for each house extension project. This includes:

  • Initial survey– A no obligation survey will be taken up by our experts to understand your spaces, your expectations, and your budget.
  • Finalising a design and price– Our installation team will work with you to finalise a design that fits your expectations and work out a competitive quote for the same.
  • Manufacturing process– Depending on the needs of a project, our experts can manufacture different components of your extension works at our own sites and later transport the same to your location for assembling, thereby causing minimal life disruption for you and your family.
  • Building– Our team of experts are trained to install your extensions components within a minimum time frame while ensuring that your property premises are not disturbed with any construction debris after the work is completed.


At Builders Cambridge, we are competent and well equipped to design and install all house extension types, ranging from single-storey extensions to multiple-storey as well as wrap around extensions.


Types of house extensions:


Single Storey house extensions

Considering a ground floor extension to either side of your property is an easy solution to adding living space to your home.
Customers often find it useful to add a second bedroom, a new bathroom or to add more space to their kitchen and dining room zones or sometimes, to create an entirely new section to be used as a home office.

Often, a small extension does not call for full planning permission. However, customers planning a large scale extension job and needing to file for a planning permit get our complete support in the process.

We at Builders Cambridge believe in providing end to end project management services for our house extension projects, irrespective of the scale.

Our architects and planners ensure that the extension plans are discussed with the original architect of your property and are compliant with the structural designs of the original building.

Further, we undertake all the internal works like plumbing, heating, electrical wiring and fixtures, ground works, roofing, painting etc.

There’s simply no factor of your house extension work that is left unattended by our Builders Cambridge team.

Multiple Storey house extensions

Multiple storey extensions cater to the needs of a large family in need of more square feet of area space for their habitation purposes.

Creating an addition floor can help create more bedrooms as needed or open up the spaces downstairs to make room for a larger living room, a playroom or perhaps a study.

With the support of our expert teams in every aspect of the project starting from helping you to obtain planning permissions to liaising with the building architects, you can be confident that every aspect of your project will be taken care of.

Wrap around house extensions

As the name goes, these extensions are created to go around two or more sides of your property. These are planned for customers looking to get better usage of the rear or side space of their property.

Whether your present needs are simply to get a free consultation for your future house improvement plans or to undertake a full-fledged house extension job, our expert and customer friendly teams are there to support you every step of the way.


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