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At Builders Cambridge, our garage conversions are built keeping our customers’ needs in mind.


Whether you have an old, unused garage, mold and damp spots building in different corners of your garage or you want some creative design ideas to completely utilize every inch of your garage space, we’re the most competent name in the industry to do it for you.

Our expert teams at Builders Cambridge are truly the “garage conversion magicians”.


Garage conversions are an extraordinary means to convert your available (and in all probabilities, unused) space while making the best use of the same. For most property owners, garage conversions are an excellent solution for creating extra living spaces while adding value to their property.

We understand your dreams and vision of integrated your wasted garage space as a part of your house while increasing the value of your property.

Our previous work on different garage conversion projects has enriched our experience. We have worked on converting garages to contemporary living spaces, kitchen extensions with modern equipment and plumbing, study rooms, home theaters, play zones for kids, home offices or even an extra bedroom. The possibilities are just numerous and fantastic, to say the least.

Meeting different customer demands, we have also worked on projects needing part conversions where only some portions of the garage needed the converting.
We at Builders Cambridge are proficient at handling all components of garage conversions including underfloor heating, plumbing, installing new foundations, flooring, ceiling works, air conditioning etc.

At Builders Cambridge, we take care to get a deep understanding of the project, the needs of the client and take responsibility of overseeing the entire project from the initial site visit to delivering the finished end result.
We understand that our customers need to continue with their normal everyday living while the work is project work goes on and hence ensure minimal disruptions during our work activities.

We can also provide efficient assistance if applications for planning permissions are needed to be put in. That said, our experience tells us that most garage conversion projects never require planning permits.

Our architects and interior designers are competent at paying attention to every small feature within the garage and create work that merges beautifully with the other components of the house.


We ensure:

Affordable prices– With our use of budget-friendly quality products, cost-efficient timely completion of work and flexible finance options, we can boast of being the most competitively priced garage conversion specialists in the market.

Value addition– Our garage conversion projects do not just bring forth space additions to the order of 20% but also add an average of 10% value to your property.

Quick Conversions– Delivering quality work on time is our mantra for success within the industry. All our conversions are quick and carried out with minimal disruptions to your everyday living.


With our unique creative garage conversion designs, you can simply sit back and see your wasted garage areas transforming into living spaces that you’ll be proud of.


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